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Although Winter Park is named after the coldest season of the year, average temperatures around the district can rarely be labeled as winter weather. In fact, most of the year a family is dedicated to running their air conditioner just keep their Winter Park house at a comfortable temperature.

Without a properly functioning air conditioner, the temperature inside your home can get hotter than the temperature outside. To avoid any major air conditioning malfunctions, homeowners can enlist the help of a dependable Winter Park air conditioning contractor.

Cool-Way Air Conditioning & Heating is a professional air conditioning contractor that provides both heating and cooling services to commercial and residential customers. If your air conditioner goes out in the middle of the summer, you need an air conditioning repair company that you can depend on to respond quickly and professionally. Cool-Way is the company for that job.

With over 39 years of experience as a Winter Park air conditioning contractor, we are the only company that can provide you with exceptional repairs, installation and maintenance services for both heating and cooling systems.

Cool-Way – Winter Park AC Repairs

An air conditioning is one of the heaviest pieces of machinery in your home. Since Florida temperatures have been known to climb high, an air conditioner can quickly become your family’s best friend.

Unfortunately, no matter what type of air conditioner you have, eventually it is going to need to be repaired.
When you air conditioner breaks, you need a professional who is familiar with a variety of different types of air conditioners. The technicians at Cool-Way are trained to repair several different makes and models of air conditioning units.

As a Winter Park AC repairs contractor, we believe it is important to provide our customers with AC repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what time of day or night your air conditioner breaks, we will not allow you to suffer in the heat. When you call our emergency repair line, we will have a professional on the scene in no time.

Winter Park HVAC Contractor

Cool-Way is a professional Winter Park air conditioning contractor that provides dependable HVAC services to both commercial and residential clients.

Servicing an air conditioning in a residential setting requires common courteously and professional behaviors. Our technicians are trained in both of these. We relate directly with our residential customers, and we work to provide them with the best HVAC services including repairs, installations and maintenance.

When it comes to commercial HVAC systems, a technician has to be familiar with working problems on a larger scale while remaining professional. We customize our commercial HVAC services to meet all the needs of your professionals business. We vow to provide you with exceptional services without interrupting your day to day business life.

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Your body is very similar to a properly functioning heating and cooling system. It requires just as much maintenance and repair services as your air conditioner. Unfortunately, you might be contaminating your own health just by breathing in the air inside your home.

At the Cool-Way, we can help you ensure that the air in your house is clean and pure. Over a period of time, dust, dirt and pollen can build up inside your house. When this dirt is stirred up by your heating and cooling system, it will contaminate the air around you. While your air maybe at a comfortable temperature, the quality is more than likely low. To improve your air’s content, you can take advantage of Cool-Way’s professional indoor air quality services. We provide air cleaners, humidifiers, duct cleaning and ultraviolet lights. All of these services are great ways to keep your family healthy and happy.

The Services We Provide in Winter Park, FL