Anyone who has ever vacationed to Florida knows just how warm their temperatures can be. Whether they are being cautious or have learned from past experiences, it is a parent’s number one goal to ensure that their children remain cool and safe while at the beach. While their hotel room in Orlando can have an air conditioning company supplying them with central air, the beach isn’t going to have such an option, and so preparing oneself in advance is going to be ideal. The following are the top 6 ways to keep children cool while at the beach.

Give them a Sunhat

Children are going to be more susceptible to heat exhaustion because they aren’t typically aware of the symptoms of such a condition. With this in mind, their parents should monitor their behaviours in order to ensure that their systems are copping properly with the Florida heat. A great way to protect them from the sun is by supplying them with a sun hat, as this is going to stop the sun from beaming down on their faces.

Apply Sunscreen on Them

Since contracting a sun burn can be very unpleasant and lead to heat exhaustion, it is essential for parents to apply sunscreen on their children. In order to properly apply sunscreen, parents should coat their kids in it one hour before leaving the house, and then once every 90 minutes or so. Since sunscreen takes a while to work, it is important to ensure that one’s kids aren’t being targeted by the heat.

Choose a Shaded Area to Rest In

When setting up camp on the beach, it is a good idea to choose a shaded area, as this can provide a family with an appropriate setting to rest in. If tanning is in order, they can move their towel into the sun and then seek the shade’s refuge for at least a half an hour every hour or so.

Give Them Plenty of Liquids

When kids are playing on a beach, the last thing they are thinking about is staying hydrated, which is why parents need to ensure that their kids are drinking plenty of cool liquids throughout the day.

Limit Their Time Spend in the Sun and Ocean

It isn’t healthy for anyone to spend more than two consecutive hours basking in the warm Florida sun, which is why taking some breaks from the heat and activity is recommended.

Give Them Cooling Foods

Another great way to keep kids cool while at the beach is by giving them cooling foods and snacks every hour or so. Buying a kid an ice cream cone or freezie can provide them with the energy needed to carry on in the sun.