Get In the Zone

Today’s high-tech home climate control allows homeowners to control house temperatures from their smart phone, computer, or tablet. In other words, they’re not your mother’s thermostat. In the old days, people rarely used their programmable thermostats because they were confusing to operate. Today’s programmable devices and zone control systems are simple and intuitive, and especially ideal for families on the go. After all, there’s no use in cooling or heating an empty home!Your smart thermostat and zone climate system allows you to customize temperatures from room-to-rom and hour-to-hour, and many of these devices are Wi-Fi enabled for easy operation at home or away. Studies indicate that families who use their programmable thermostat properly enjoy proven utility savings, along with peace of mind in knowing that they have total control over their home climate.

Depending upon your budget and comfort requirements, Cool-Way’s NATE-certified technicians may recommend:

  • Touchscreen thermostats
  • Digital thermostats
  • Room-by-room zone systems
  • Learning or “smart” thermostats
  • Remote energy management devices
  • Programmable humidistats

Along with intuitive functionality, many of today’s programmable thermostats allow homeowners to track energy consumption and generate energy use reports. This is a helpful way to determine where your energy dollars are spent so you can keep better track of your utility budget.

Request Thermostat or Zone System Installation in Orlando Area

To improve your home’s energy efficiency or better manage your indoor comfort, choose from Cool-Way’s variety of programmable thermostats and smart thermostats. We also provide thermostat repairs and replacement, and customers can request service online or by phone at 407-975-2771. Our experienced technicians repair and service all thermostat brands and models, and will train you to use your new device following installation!