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September 16, 2017

5 Ways to Conserve Conditioned Air While Awaiting AC Repair in a Commercial Space

Most commercial spaces in Orlando are going to be supplied with air conditioning. This can actually be crucial to a workspace environment as warm temperatures can affect productivity and cause employees to become disgruntled. In the event that a commercial air conditioning unit is in need of AC repair in Orlando, it is important to know how to conserve conditioned air in the meantime. Since sending home an office-full of employees and paying them for their day’s work isn’t ideal, finding ways to keep them comfortable is encouraged. The following are the top 5 ways to conserve conditioned air while awaiting AC repair in a commercial space. Close all of the Blinds As soon as an air conditioning unit breaks, a commercial space’s manager should aim to close all of the blinds in the office that are facing the sun directly. This can stop the sun’s rays from warming the commercial space and making its working conditions unethical. Once the blinds have been closed, it is important for the manager to inform their employees about the AC problem, and assure them that they are expecting an AC repair technician to fix the problem within a few hours. Should an AC repair technician not be available, sending employees home once temperatures become too warm is advised. Limit Incoming and Outgoing Personnel In order to conserve as much conditioned air as possible, it is wise to limit any incoming and outgoing personnel, as this can allow conditioned air to escape into the hallways or the outdoors. Encouraging staff members to eat their lunch inside the office, and perhaps even ordering out food, can stop employees from using the microwave or cooking any of their lunches in the office kitchen, as this can warm up an office. Limit Activity Another important suggestion a manager can make is for their employees to limit their activity and stay at their assigned areas. Since temperatures can arise due to movement, doing so is crucial. Close the Doors of Conditioned Rooms StrategicallyIn order to conserve as much conditioned air as possible, one can benefit from closing the doors of any unused rooms and only reopening them once the common area begins to feel heated. This way, the conditioned air can then infiltrate the warmer air and create a desired effect. Close Unused Lights and Electronics Another very useful trick when trying to conserve conditioned air is closing all of the unused lights and electronics in the commercial space. Since these items radiate heat, they can add to a room’s temperatures negatively. By shutting off these electronics, one can expect to conserve their air flow more thoroughly.    Schedule ServiceScroll