Florida is one of the hottest places in the United States of America, which is why so many people from all around the world choose to spend their vacation weeks in this state. While it can be very rewarding to spend some time in the sun, it can also be very dangerous when not done properly. If a loved one is showing signs of heat exhaustion, it is crucial for them to be taken care of properly, as their condition can worsen and lead to heat stroke. The following are the top 5 ways to help a person who is fighting off heat exhaustion.

Get Them Out of the Heat

The first and most important thing a person can do when they notice that their friend/family member is beginning to show signs of heat exhaustion is get them out of their current setting immediately. The most common signs of heat exhaustion is slow responses, headaches, and the not sweating. Getting a person who is showing these symptoms out of the heat and into a more comfortable abode can be life-saving, which is why it is important to work fast.

Give Them Cool Liquids With Electrolytes

Once the individual who appears to have contracted heat exhaustion is taken out of the harmful setting, it is important to start giving them the liquid they need in order to replenish their bodies. The one thing a person wants to avoid giving them is caffeinated drinks, as these can negatively jumpstart their system while dehydrating it further. Instead, they should be given plenty of cool liquids like water, or juices that are rich in electrolytes.

Make Them Take a Cool Shower

Once they have drank a good amount of liquids, it is then a good idea to have them take a cool shower or bath, as this can help them cool down their entire bodies. Should a bath or shower not be an option at the given moment, pouring cool water bottles or hosing them down can also be beneficial. Otherwise, dabbing their warmest areas with a cool cloth can also be worthwhile.

Give Them Advil or Tylenol

It is common for people who are trying to fight off heat exhaustion to experience migraines or mild headaches, and so giving them Advil or Tylenol is recommended.

Let Them Sleep It Off in an Air Conditioned Area

Once all of this has been done, give them a new pair of clothing, and find them an AC serviced area in Orlando where they can sleep off their condition. Should a friend or family member’s home be nearby and air conditioned, bringing them there is favorable.